Akothee’s Parents Were at the Mombasa Concert Where She Pulled ‘Crazy’ Dance Moves, Claims They’re Used to it

Whether she is being bashed or celebrated, singer Esther Akoth aka Akothee has mastered the art of controversy.

Yet again, her choice of costume at her performance and raunchy dance moves has set her up for trolling and maahhhhnnnn- doesn’t she thrive in the hate?

The singer has since shared photos of her parents saying ‘hi’ to an ecstatic crowd over the weekend at her rabble rousing concert in Mombasa. She further disclosed that her own mother still has a problem with the kind of outfits she puts on.

Akothee had flown her parents all the way from Rongo to be part of her performance that attracted love and hate in equal measure.

“My daddy is my number one fan , after my mum resisted for years, she finally joined,I thank God for my supportive parents, my mum. Still have issues with my dress code, but this time round she dint utter a word , maby be she is tired, hataa nyinyi mtachoka tu, sikomi mimi my dad is just living his life , mr dont care as long as music is dancable ,all the way from Rongo” shared Akothee.

Akothee’s parents

The quote is verbatim so any grammatical errors are courtesy of the Madam boss. Her message comes like a rejoinder to many like Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) Boss Ezekiel Mutua- who took personal offense with her.

In a Face-book Post, the KFCB Boss said that Akothee is a talented artiste but her dirty and stupid stunts should be of concern to everyone.

“Kenya has got talent but as long as we keep celebrating this kind of madness, our entertainment industry will never grow. Akothee is talented but the filthy and stupids stunts she has to pull to remain relevant should concern all of us. What’s worse is to see grown up men and women celebrating this scatological obscenity in the name of entertainment. We have lost it as a nation. People like Akothee cannot be the role models for our daughters. Music doesn’t have to be dirty to sell. How I wish artists like Akothee would know how much influence they have on our youths and try to use that influence to produce content that is edifying. This kind is crass, moronic and a theater of the absurd. It’s demonic to the core and only appeals to debilitating and incorrigible perverts and brainless audiences. Akothee must stop this idiosyncrasy. There’s no dignity in for her or her audience,” read Dr. Mutua’s post.

Robert Alai , her sworn foe also took a swipe at Akothee’s dress code and how she danced during her performance.

“The 50 year old disgrace which apparently inspires some single mothers. A total disgrace. Complete pig!!!” wrote Alai.

In one of the photos, Akothee is seen dancing with her dancers pulling her legs apart.

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