Ruto allies have been on Mombasa governor Ali Hassan Joho`s neck over drug trafficking allegations in a bid to take him down politically since the governor too has been throwing jabs at the Ruto camp. The 2022 presidential campaign elections have made the two camps come at each other throwing dirt in order to ruin the others chances of clinching the seat. Joho even went ahead and sued Hon Stephen Sang, Oscar Sudi, Kimani Ichung`wah and Didimus Barasa who have openly trashed the Mombasa governor for smuggling drugs in the country. The politicians aforementioned were sued for defamation something which Joho did not take lightly from the Ruto allies. Joho accused them of deliberately, maliciously and callously employing falsehoods, gossip and slanderous language to maximize hatred against him.


A few weeks earlier a document started doing rounds online stating that Interpol were investigating Joho over the allegations of organized crimes and drug trafficking .   The letter that implied that international police organization (Interpol) was after the Mombasa governor has since been disregarded by the directorate of criminal investigation deeming it as a fake document.

Joho had even written to Interpol to clarify if he was on the drug baron list earlier on in the year. The document which has since tarnished the image of the governor will leave the Ruto camp paying big money for coming at Joho by defaming his name with no evidence at hand.

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