Ahmednasir Abdullahi Proposes Outsourcing White Judges From England to Curb Corruption In the Judicial System

Since the 2017 general elections, a number of political leaders who “won” had their respective seats considered null and void after petitions from opponents. This has seen a number ever since, regain their seat while others have not been lucky. The judicial system has been accused of being a rotten institution that is easily manipulated by the rich. Case in point, Homa Bay governor Cyprian Awiti`s election which was nullified by the both the High Court and Appellate court who cited poll malpractices in the 2017 election. However, somehow the Supreme Court upheld his election on the 7th of this month which had many people raising their eyebrows wondering how.

The recent decision by the supreme court to uphold Hon Mohammed Abdi`s Wajir gubernatorial seat has left distaste in people’s mouths. One in particular who is very vocal about the displeasure is Senior Council Ahmednasir Abdullahi who claims that they were bribed.  In the ruling, the Supreme Court dismissed the High Court and Court of Appeal citing they wrongly assumed jurisdiction to rule on the governor`s academic papers.

“On Monday i will write a confidential letter to the CJ and disclose to him which judges were bribed and how much money they got and by whom…one of the JUDGES was bribed through a member of parliament and the money taken from the Branch of a local bank in Eastleigh…” Ahmednasir Abdullahi.

The lawyer claims that the Supreme Court judges charged 50Million shillings during the election petitions and those who were able to pay the cash, retained their seats.

“Everybody knows the fact that a judge of the SUPREME COURT OF KENYA charged 50 million Shillings a case during the election petitions. Yet the CJ and JSC do nothing about this…I know for a fact 5 specific cases the judge asked for and was given that sum…” Ahmednasir said through his twitter handle.

Ahmednasir has openly trashed the judicial system citing that they are the most corrupt people since he started practicing. Now, the lawyer proposes the importation of judges to curb the rot in the judicial system.

“We tried Radical Surgery (2003). We tried the Vetting of judges (2011-2015) yet corruption in our judiciary has snowballed. Let us swallow our NATIVE PRIDE & IMPORT expatriate WHITE judges from England, Australia/New Zealand. We don’t “produce” enough Incorruptible judges..simple” – Ahmednasir

Going through replies from his tweet, people are torn if that is the right way to go while others endorse the suggestion. But the bigger question is, will we be importing professionals from other countries every time we fail in our scopes of practice?  It is not too long ago that Cuban doctors were brought in the country, the Chinese are also on our necks, is importation really a wise recommendation?

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