Duale is Being Used By Ruto to Fight Building Bridges, He wants To Remove Me From Committees- Moses Kuria Cries Out

Gatundu South MP, Moses Kuria has revealed an elaborate move by Majority leader and Garissa MP Aden Duale to remove him from two very lucrative committees in the Parliament.

“So now Aden Duale wants to de-whip me from the two committees that I serve in. First, you are not qualified to do so. This is the work of the party through the Secretary General Raphael Tuju And Chief Whip Ben Washiali. Secondly I have no problem being removed from the Transport and Budget Committees as long as the correct procedure is followed. Bring it on ! I serve in the committees at the pleasure of the party.

If the party decides that my services in the committees are no longer required, I will oblige. Third, all this persecution will come to an end one day. You have frustrated all my private bills since 2014. None of my legislative proposals have ever been brought to the House. From NGO’s Reform Bill (2014) to the Coffee Bill, the Interest Rates Bill And now the one you have sworn to defeat – Select Committee to support Matiang’i and his committee. I am aware you are not happy with my presentation to the Building Bridges Initiative but having an inclusive government and an inclusive Opposition is an Ideal I will fight for.

So now my friend don’t even go to the media to remove me from committees. Follow procedure and I will leave. These are not positions that benefit me personally. They are platforms I use to make Kenya a better nation. Take your committee positions any time. Indo ciene itiri ndokeirwo nuu, my people say”

While appearing on Citizen TV on Wednesday, January 29, Duale hinted he was against any attempt to mutilate the constitution so as to create room for a prime minister’s post “elected by MPs in the toilets of parliament”.

He submitted Kenya would rather stick with the status quo of a pure presidential system where the president is both the head of government and state since MPs can be bribed to vote in a particular candidate for the premier’s post.

“If you want any constitutional change it means a Parliamentary system with a prime minister who heads government elected by MPs in the toilets of parliament,” he said

In a quick rejoinder, the outspoken Gatundu lawmaker differed with him saying personally, he would not support such an arrangement but reiterated the need for one prime minister and two deputies. According to Kuria, the hybrid system would ensure both an efficient government and an inclusive society as they will be pre-elected alongside the president. “Of course he knows we will never support that especially those of us from Central Kenya who suffer from historical injustices when it comes to the number of constituencies vis a vis population,” the MP said.

“Sorry, boy! We will get a hybrid system with a Super 5 ticket led by a popularly elected President and his pre-appointed team of Deputy President, Prime Minister and 2 Deputy Prime Ministers. The Super 5 ticket will ensure both an efficient government and an inclusive society!” Kuria added.

This it seems is the reason Duale is ticked off.

As Parliament gears to reopen tomorrow after a long recess, this promises to be a very interesting time in the bicameral house especially with Jubilee literally bing in two factions- Pro Ruto and those for President Uhuru Kenyatta.

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