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I Was Paid By Boni Khalwale to Malign Senator Malala’s Name, Sex Worker Confesses after Arrest | Kenyan_Report
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I Was Paid By Boni Khalwale to Malign Senator Malala’s Name, Sex Worker Confesses after Arrest

The unidentified woman who came out claiming that her life was in danger after sleeping with Kakamega Senator Cleophas Malala has retracted her claims.

In a video that has gone viral, the woman says that she slept with the senator in May last year with a promise of a handsome pay of Sh10,000 per round, but the senator failed to fulfill his promise.

Ako na deni yangu ya shilingi elfu ishirini. Na hata alisema nikitangaza atanitumia mabaunza wanimalize. (He owes me Ksh20,000. He even said that if I reveal the secret he would send his bouncers to ‘finish me’),” says the woman.

The woman further reveals that they had sex without protection, and he could have infected her with diseases. However, she is not worried about diseases instead she asks the senator to pay the ‘debt’.

Naomba askari wanisaidie maisha yangu iko hatarini. (I ask the police to protect me since my life is in danger),” adds the woman.

Well, the woman has since been arrested and she was forced to reveal who was behind her lame scheme and according to her, it was none other than ex senator Boni Khalwale.

Her confession is in the video below.

This is not the first time the former Kakamega legislator is using bedroom script to hurt Malala. Last year, he launched yet another scathing attack at the incumbent. While speaking at a public forum in Kakamega county the vocal Khalwale mocked Malala’s bedroom prowess, inanely suggesting his body size made him weak in bed.

He sensationally claimed that Malala’s wife would never go back to him should she spend five minutes with Sports Cabinet Secretary Rashid Achesa who hails from the county.

Speaking of Echesa, the sports CS took his rivalry against Malala to a new low when he paid three journalists to photo-shop Senator Malala in a compromising position in a bid to seek revenge.

The journalists, David Ndolo, Stafford Ondego and Alex Njue were forced to beg for forgiveness after the alleged photo-shop failed since Malala got a tip off of the plans to tarnish his image and alerted the police.

Malala also accused Echesa of publicly trying to defame him in a recent radio interview where he said that Deputy President William Ruto gave Senator Malala Ksh7 million, the money he used to construct and furnish his house.

Echesa was angry that Malala had rebuked him as a Standard 7 drop-out who does not understand his work as CS.

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