Babu Owino: Did I Kill Your Mother Miguna? Stupidity is not a Human Right Mr. Dick head!

Hon Babu Owino, the Embakasi East Member of Parliament is never shy to share his thoughts when irked. Today on the target board was Miguna Miguna who is still in exile after being deported by the government. A document that confirms that Frida Muthoni, who happens to be Babu Owino`s wife, works for the CDF which is illegal and unconstitutional. It shows that Frida has been receiving salary from the constituency that Babu is heading and angry constituents brought it to light citing corruption on Babu Owino`s part. In chapter 183 of the constitution clause 17, a public officer shall not practice nepotism or favoritism. Babu Owino has not defended himself from the accusations since it came to the public’s attention.

Miguna who is also very vocal in equal measure, accused the Embakasi East Member of Parliament for peddling illicit drugs and killing University Students while he was still in SONU. This is definitely going to breed bad blood between the two given their loud nature.

In Kenya, nepotism is not a foreign act. Most of the corrupt offices in government have hired people from the same bloodline and their friends. Which leads to poor services offered from hiring people that are underqualified for the positions they hold. While the DCI and the DPP are focusing on ending corruption in Kenya, the nepotism vice should also be looked into.

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