William Kabogo Roasted Online After Dismissing “son”

In this day and age of pseudonyms, it is very easy to get caught with cons who have mastered their art very well. Facebook and other social media platforms allow anyone to call themselves anything as long as it tickles their fancy. Former Kiambu governor yesterday brought to light a man masquerading as his son online to be a fraudster.

The suspected con who calls himself Tony Kabogo on Facebook is the splitting image of Hon William Kabogo. Tony has created an online presence that associates him with the former governor. He even dons t-shirts that have the Kabogo name engraved on them.  William Kabogo dismissed him as his son despite the confusing resemblance.

Kenyans as usual after making comparisons of the two, did not fail to mock the former governor who did not seem pleased with the situation at all.

Some of the comments from the post:

Muthaka WA Wanjiku “Whether wanafanana or not am a victim he almost conned my mother n I….mpaka alifanya nichukue good conduct so what kabogo is saying is true..even his number Niko nayo huyo ni mwizi ako na mpaka office huko wangige”

George Ngige Ndekere Aaiiiiiii hii kufanana yote???? Kabogo hapa unatuchezea. Mtoto wa kutupwa ndio hufanana na baba.

Joe Murimi Kiura Mhesh do a DNA first he could be your son that you dont know ..wind blows in different directions

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