Why Are Women The Most Targeted In Recent Killings?

The rise in the number of women being killed mysteriously in Kenya keeps on rising by the day. It raises a lot of questions as to why the gender is more targeted as compared to their male counterparts. No one ever sits in a corner and wishes for death. However, sometimes women put themselves in situations that put them at risk and coming back out of it is very hard. Women are the most vulnerable, hence it is very important to keep safe at all times. Accidents do happen, but taking precaution is equally as important to save your life.

We live in a ’You Only Live Once’ kind of generation that needs to be controlled as the results of the motto are far much grave. People need to start thinking and analyzing situations before indulging strangers especially. The reason why women are on the spotlight is because most fall for the slightest attention sent their way. Most times, the base story is because the man was moneyed. A glorious night all at the expense of your safety? Take a scenario where a friend invites you for a drink and gives you a heads up for a possible hook up. Since the friend is a trusted ally, there is no reason to refute and be labelled a party pooper. A twenty year old friendship does not mean that your life should be put on the line. Before resting your safety on other people, do yourself a favor and watch you back. In as much as all exit plans are in place during most of these blind encounters, much consideration should be put for when things go south. Here is where most women turn a blind eye and assume everything is all figured out. Why not meet people and do things the convectional way like our forefathers?

For university students deaths, demonstrations will be held for a day, threats directed to relevant authorities but justice will take a century before its implemented or sometimes none at all. It has in turn become a cycle that people are accustomed to. There has to be at least one case, especially those that occurred in recent times that reflects how the judiciary is keen to stop this menace. The case of Monica Kimani which has received a lot of attention, is the perfect opportunity for the judicial system to prove that it indeed stands with women against their plights.

In most women killings, love is a common factor. Perhaps this should be an eye opener to most and learn to love cautiously. When you understand that loving yourself comes first before loving others, looming misfortunes can be avoided altogether or dismissed. The world we live in does not favor the woman, it targets them in most aspects. For this, the high intuition that women were blessed with, should be used to their advantage. It is the only thing that will not put them in danger.


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