Remember when it was all love in the Cashy and Kaligraph camp? They even released a collabo together that left the country with jaws on the floor.   After the relationship ended, the popular hip-hop artist took a little hiatus that left everyone wondering what the silence was all about. Turns out the relationship was toxic and Cashy is here to give out all the tea. In a recent post on Instagram, she hinted that Kaligraph had been abusive in the relationship, financially manipulative and even threatened her on several occasions.

There has been back and forth on the failed relationship and it could be a strategy to get her new project out. Wise strategy, as people have been talking about her the past week.

Cashy`s Instagram has been filled with not so subtle shade thrown at Kaligraph who in an interview commented how the female rapper was “too sensitive” given that she is a woman and that her music was not professional. More tea is expected in the coming weeks and we are here for it Cashy.

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