Outrage as Nakuru County Rounds up 40 Street Boys and Dumps Them in a Baringo Forest

When you are a destitute who scavenges for food and lays his head on cold pavements. Then someone offers you a chance at a better life by promising to take you to school, would you refuse?

That is how Nakuru County enforcement officers lured at least 41 street children; rounded them up and dumped them in Chemusus Forest in Eldama Ravine, Baringo County on Wednesday night.

The street urchins aged between 12 and 26 years said the officers told them the county government was taking them to school before bundling them into waiting vehicles.

Jackson Kuka, 26, said the officers approached him at around 9pm, told him of a plan to take street children to school and college, and asked him to get into a car.

“Those who refused to board the lorries were forced in. They told us the younger ones would be taken to primary school and the rest to colleges, only for us to end up in a forest in another county,” said Kuka. He said the officers handcuffed some of them before bundling them into the cars and taking them to the forest 75 kilometres away.

A Children’s Officer i the County, Kuria Muthandi said ferrying and dumping them at the forest was not the best way to solve the street families’ problem.

“It is not right. Dumping street families here is not the solution. The officials were simply transferring a problem from Nakuru to Baringo. Let each county have a rescue center for children,” said Muthandi.

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