Hassan Joho fainted the day Narcotics Ship was blown up – Nandi Governor Sang

BLAST: MV Alnoor with 370kg of heroin worth Sh1.3 billion goes up in flames after being destroyed 18 nautical miles from the port of Mombasa. | Photo courtesy

The vicious battle between William Ruto and Hassan Ali Joho is turning ugly as the deputy president’s allies go on an all-out war with the Mombasa Governor.

In a swift response after Joho issued a 24 hour ultimatum for him to retract and apologize over remarks he made linking Joho to drug trade or face defamation lawsuit, a defiant Nandi Governor Arap Sang has insisted the Mombasa Governor is a drug syndicate and threatened to supply the United States Criminal Intelligence Agency (CIA) with a list of witnesses ready to testify against Joho’s illicit drug trade.

In a hard hitting statement, Governor Sang claimed Hassan Joho is a “boastful criminal, political conman, academic dwarf and an all-round fraudster who must explain to Kenyans why he fainted the day the Narcotics Ship was blown up.

In August 2014, President Uhuru Kenyatta supervised the blowing up of a drug ship laden with heroin valued at Sh1.3 billion aboard a military helicopter. The Mv Al Noor was destroyed 33km from the Mombasa Port and sunk to a depth of 353 metres under the water with 377kg of heroin.

Sang claimed the coast politician was denied access to the venue where the destruction of the Narcotics ship was being executed after being implicated in a number of drug trafficking reports.

Sang sensationally alleged Joho “was hovering around that area and fainted at the sound of the blast that destroyed the Narcotics.”

The tough war of words between the Deputy President William Ruto’s political camp and Hassan Joho is far from over as the Mombasa Governor has since moved to court to prepare a defamation suit after his 24-hour apology ultimatum elapsed.

Nandi Governor Stephen Sang, MPs Kimani Ichungwah (Kikuyu) and his Kapsaret counterpart Oscar Sudi have been summoned to appear in Milimani High court for linking Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho to drug trafficking within 15 days, failure to which a full proceeding against them will begin.

Reacting to the court summons, Kikuyu MP Kimani Ichungwa said he wont be intimidated by Joho “theatrics” that are diverting attention from integrity questions raised about him.

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