Ken Okoth Diagnosed with stage 4 Colerectal Cancer:  Why Marijuana should be legalized in Kenya.


Hon Ken Okoth has been on the forefront for the fight to legalize marijuana and many did not understand where the passion for the drug came from until recently. Leaders like Mike Sonko who once mentioned that he partakes in the substance, smoke it for fun but there are people who may need it to numb their pain. He is probably one of the most selfless leaders Kenya has, who strives to make Kibra a worthwhile place for its residents. It is with reason that many Kenyans feel sorry for his predicament which has no cure. The health care system has been in shambles and any attempt to revive it have proved futile in the past. Most Kenyan leaders who have previously come out about their fight with cancer receive treatment in foreign countries. It is very sad that we have people in leadership who can pass laws that favor cancer patients, considering the extensive treatment that they have to go through, but fail to deliver for the citizens. It has been a song that has lost rhythm now over the years.

The introduction of medical marijuana will help cancer patients numb the pain. How does marijuana come in you may ask? Cancer medication has a lot of side effects which can be unbearable and partaking in marijuana helps to manage the side effects. For people like Ken Okoth who will have to take medicine to manage the disease, cannabis is a likely option for them.

Ken Okoth advocates for cancer medication to be zero rated and VAT on CT (Computerized tomography) scans removed. A government that loots taxpayer’s money has no consideration for the countless number of people that are suffering from the deadly disease. It would be a delight to have members of parliament to push for the legislation of the aforementioned so that the poor who cannot afford the medicine, can have a second chance at life.

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