The bedroom is one place that is sacred in anyone’s household and also the playground for adults. Well, there are some animals who choose to get down in other places to spice up their sex life and that is okay, to each their own.  The vagina is a very important organ in a lady’s body and if only it could talk! I’m sure it will tell all different kinds of stories of what it has seen. From inserting all manner of objects for pleasure, to cleaning it with vegetables, women have done it all. Some of the things are very healthy for the lady parts but others are totally absurd! In today’s world where cheating has become common, most women will do just about anything to keep their men on a leash. Not in actuality, but in the bedroom.

  1. Inserting Garlic before getting down. This is actually healthy for your lady parts and kills all the bad bacteria leaving the vagina smelling fresh after. The best way to do the cleaning is by peeling the garlic, ensure you wash it well. Drill small holes on the garlic then from end to end, create a big hole where you will add the string to it. The string is for removing the garlic after you are done douching so that it does not get stuck inside. If inserting is a bit too much, drinking garlic is also worthwhile.
  2. Using ice cubes during a blowjob. I don’t know who came up with this idea but it works for some people. Get a cube and lick it before getting the mouth busy. Of course you are to wait a while before going in. the mouth should be in the right temperature after, not too cold. You do not want your man feeling like he is in Canada, do you?
  3. You probably live under a rock if your girlfriends have not told you about the Strepsils effect. This is used in place of ice cubes for the same effect. Gone are the days people used to buy Strepsils to cure a sore throat. Mama, they don’t use Strepsils for the throat anymore, its uses have evolved, give us a sign mama.
  4. Incorporating sex toys for extra pleasure. There a variety of toys that you can find in the market which will cater to your needs if at all your partner does not come through for you. Just be keen and make sure the toy does not replace your role in the relationship.
  5. Eating pineapples. If you are not on a pineapple diet, then you need to get on it right away. Just like garlic, pineapple is good for the cookie and apparently women who are fans of, are “sweeter”. Facts or fiction? Either way, eat more of it.
  6. Honey, yoghurt and strawberries. Who said you have to starve in the bedroom? Creativity is important in the bedroom, wear that lingerie and add spice to your love life. Well, honey and yoghurt is poured on other person’s body and licked off of them.  The feeling that comes with is epic. The strawberries are a snack or you could just get creative and use it well.

Valentines is around the corner. Ladies, get your freaky on this year!



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