Give Me A Break! Zari the Boss Lady Blasts Fan


Ever since the Ugandan belle broke up with Diamond, her relationships have remained private to the public. Diamond on the other hand has been jumping from one chick to another before finally settling with Tanasha Dona. The former flame of Diamond Platnumz has always received backlash for being less attractive as compared to Tanasha Dona, one of the perks of being in the public space. Zari has been on vacation past few days flaunting as usual her escapades on Instagram. One fan was exceptionally not happy with her constantly posting pictures with no “prayer partner” in sight.

Perfect respose!

Zari has been focused on building her brand and even got to do an advert for soft care diapers recently. The money keeps coming and what someone is worried about is if she has a man?

It is so funny how even with all that she does, people will try to put her down for not having a man by her side. If she is happy, let her be!

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