From Advising Women to Wash Their Boyfriends to Being Single and Celibate, Here is why Ladies Should Ignore Lisa Gaitho.

Life is a journey full of surprises that no one knows what to expect next, even fortune tellers and other fraudsters who claim to know what’s in the future, are just about as green as everyone else. Do not be fooled. It gets tough sometimes and in such situations, a bit of advice from someone who has walked your journey comes in handy. So, what is okay to take in and what are you to sieve out? This is a question most vulnerable people fight with always. Life couches, bloggers have sometimes taken advantage of the vulnerability of people in a bid to make money from clicks, views ignoring the reader’s wellbeing.

Some months back, Lisa Gaitho, who is a lifestyle blogger and vlogger gave out advice to ladies on how to keep a man and have him spend on you. One area she got backlash for, was her saying that women ought to wash their boyfriends, oil them and clothe them so that they get pampered like a princess in return. This in actuality is what she was doing for her now ex- boyfriend who used to pay for her expensive trips. She received a lot of backlash from Kenyan women who were adamant about giving such treatment to men who may, in the end cheat. Kenyans on twitter as usual roasted her for dating an old man and being desperate for worldly riches.

Now, after being dumped by the rich Nigerian man, Lisa is at it again with new advice that favors her narrative. Single and celibate is now the way to go, according to the popular blogger. What is it with people misadvising people only to suit their narrative?

Imagine a case scenario where someone followed her previous advice to the book and it worked for her and still does. But since Lisa is single again, the narrative has been changed. See the mind games?

Life is very different for everyone and what works for A can fail to work for B. ladies, do not take everything that is dished your way. Sieve what is relevant and blur what you think does not favor you. At the end of the day, people are out to make money and are inconsiderate of your feelings, choose who you listen to wisely.

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