Disturbing Details Of How Man and His Former Employee Turned Lover Killed Wife in Cold Blood

‘Mum, kuja ni Auntie wa Dad.”

Those were the words of a six-year-old boy now rendered motherless after his father and mistress killed his mum in cold blood.

On Saturday morning, an audacious, hard-eyed mistress identified as 36 year old Judy Wangui Mungai set off to find her lover- 41 year old Joseph Kori Karuwe at his marital home at Garden Estate in Nairobi.

As fate would have it, Kori had also driven out of his home and was headed to Fourways Junction on Kiambu Road- where he cohabits with Wangui and pays her rent which is 60k per month.

When Wangui reached Kori’s home, not knowing that the guy was out looking for her too, she met his son and since she had been an employee of the family, offered to buy the boy pizza. The boy sought permission from his mom telling her the offer was from ‘Auntie wa dad.”

Wambui stepped out to see who this “Auntie” was, only to come face to face with her former employee Wangui, who had worked at her hardware shop in Kahawa West in Nairobi.

The two women greeted each other warmly and Wambui not knowing this was her rival, offered to buy her lunch. Wambui invited Wangui into the house as she dressed up for the lunch date, but she declined the invitation, opting instead to wait outside the gate to the homestead.

The Late Wangui and her hubby Kori

They then drove out together inside Wambui’s car as the taxi which Wangui had come in- had stalled.

The two ended up at Homeland Inn where they ordered Githeri and Nyama choma. They even took selfies sharing a piece of meat. Nothing seemed unusual. And they left the restaurant together.

At around 5pm, after a long day of merrymaking, Wambui is said to have convinced Wangui to take her to her (Wangui’s) house at Fourways Junction.

When they got there, Wambui was shocked to find photos of her husband Kori hanged inside the small apartment’s walls.

She confirmed her worst fears. Her husband was also the man of the house she had visited.

The furniture in the house also matched that which Wambui had espied on her husband’s mobile phone a while back.

According to Nation, an argument ensued, leading to a fight that lasted till darkness set in. In the end, Wambui was fatally injured. Her body was discovered on Sunday morning, dumped in a dam in Juja. Police believe the body was dumped that same night.

Neighbours at Fourways Junction say Kori was a regular visitor at the estate, his Toyota Lexus a regular feature in the parking bay.

Wangui has been a resident of Kiambu for a while, with those who know her saying that she used to live in Thindigua before moving to Fourways.

Those who know her said she used to to sell clothes, but her fortunes changed after moving to Fourways, allegedly after hooking up with Kori.

On Tuesday, Kori and Wangui were arraigned in a Kiambu court but did not take plea. Police were allowed to hold them for 14 days for investigations

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