KOT Vs Ruth Ambogo; Why are Women Always On The Receiving End?


Kenyans on twitter spent the better part of Sunday morning bashing Wilkins Fadhili the con artist and exposing him for his crook ways. In an attempt to give her side of the story, Ruth Ambogo found herself the topic of discussion after exposing Fadhili for the con that he is. Kenyans on twitter as usual found something to make fun out of instead of focusing on the elephant in the room. In an unfortunate turn of events, Ruth Ambogo has been on the receiving end with tweeps calling the Strathmore law student all sorts of names considering she used to associate herself with Fadhili. She narrated on her twitter account how Fadhili had conned her and her friend which almost landed her in jail.

This is not new in Kenya and leaves a bad taste in ones mouth as to how we treat our women. Larry Madowo recently called Fadhili out but the attention was not drifted from him and instead people went along with the story with many more artists calling Fadhili out.

On several occasions, women have been the main focus while indeed it should have been the men in hot soup. After Jacob Juma`s  death, the woman he was last seen with , was bashed to the extent of deleting her Facebook account to remain sane as people attacked her from all corners. She was being accused of sleeping with a married man and little attention was shed on Jacob Juma being an unfaithful husband to the wife.  This is a trend that Kenyans have always allowed to happen. Or is it a reflection of how our society has become?

It is safe to say that some Kenyans have made trolling a full time job always ready to pounce on vulnerable people. Fadhili has been implicated in many dubious activities but is not receiving as much bashing as his rumored ex-girlfriend. Nothing is desirable about this story and attention should be directed to the real perpetrator. This is one of the reasons women shut up whenever they are abused or manipulated. The art of turning villains into victims must stop.


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