Boy leaves Note before Fleeing. Could Al Shabaab Be Recruiting Young Children in Kenya?

A young boy by the name Sean disappeared since Thursday from his home in Kutus, Kirinyaga County.  From his note that he left for his family, it appears that the young boy may have been coerced to leave his home to an unknown destination. The family have been worried for the safety of their son who implied that his mother would be killed if he did not leave home.

A note left by the young boy

Worsening their situation, the boys` aunt cites that the boy had downloaded the Quran before disappearing. Al-Shabaab militants have previously used religion as a tool to recruit new members to their army. The group has also been known for recruiting children who are taught to fight from a young age before being sent on missions.

Another note left by the boy 

The country has been affected by the presence of terrorist activities barely two weeks agoa which left 21 people dead at the Dusit complex. The terrorists involved in the attack were of Kenyan origin, all of whom had local names and were born and bred on Kenyan soil. This implies that the cell has found its way into Kenya.

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