Boy Child Dry Spell! Man Caught Masturbating In Broad Day Light in Nairobi CBD!

Masturbation is an intricate discourse, akin to a taboo.  Men have complicated sex drives. Whether it is because girls are becoming increasingly hard to nail or it is a sign of sexual liberation, stroking and slapping the sausage is common.

Survey shows that 95% of men and around 72% of women have masturbated in their life. Feeling yourself is not just for single people. 70% of men and 40% of women in a relationship reported masturbating within four weeks of their relationship.

However, when it is done in public in broad day light, then it is something else!

This means you have began to masturbate compulsively and it starts affecting different facets of your life like work and studies.

This seems to be the case with Kenyan men lately. The latest is a man caught on camera in Nairobi’s CBD at a Matatu park jerking off in public. The nerve!

Click the video in the tweet below.

Last year, another was man was caught masturbating in a matatu, wearing a strong face. The man covering his member with a handkerchief while stroking it. He was not even bothered that other people were watching him.

He is seen resting one hand on his lap while the other does all the work and at some point, the camera shows his face revealing his true identity. Ooops!

The most common reasons that men and women give for masturbating are to relieve sexual tension and relax, achieve sexual pleasure and to have sex when partners are unavailable.

Masturbation has a lot of health benefits. Masturbation can be good for mental and physical health. People who feel good about their bodies, sex and masturbation are more likely to protect themselves from sexually transmitted diseases and unintended pregnancy. It is the safest way to get sexual pleasure.

Masturbation may also improve sleep, release sexual tension, relieve menstrual cramps and muscle tension, increase the ability to have orgasm, reduce stress, strengthen muscle tone in the pelvic and anal areas hence reducing women’s chances of involuntary urine leakage and uterine prolapse and lastly provide treatment for sexual dysfunction.

Public masturbation is an embarrassing indecent act. Last year Italy’s highest court ruled it is not illegal, as long as no minor is present. In Kenya it is not fully legislated against.

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