Raila Under Fire For Congratulating Congo’s President Elect Tshisekedi after Contentious Election

ODM leader Raila Odinga is under fire from supporters and foes alike on social media after he took to Twitter to congratulate DR Congo’s new President elect Felix Tshisekedi who was declared winner in an election said to have been heavily bungled.

“The people of the Democratic Republic of Congo spoke in the December 2018 elections. Their choices were affirmed by the relevant institutions namely the Electoral Commission and the Supreme Court,” he said.

And added:”I congratulate President elect Mr Felix Tshisekedi on his victory and wish him all the best as he embarks on the difficult task of putting the DRC on the path of democracy, unity and prosperity”.

Raila further hailed outgoing President Joseph Kabila for presiding over the very first “peaceful transfer of power in the DRC since independence. Congo’s success is Africa’s success. Long Live Africa.”

But his tweets did not sit well with many who believe he is conflicted and might be supporting electoral fraud given that Tshisekedi is his friend.

Not even Miguna Miguna or the civil society who(the civil society) have supported Odinga in all his presidential attempts were amused.

George Kegoro the Executive Director of the Kenya Human Rights Commission and a known Raila’s supporter asked “Really Baba? Would you also say the institutions of Kenya affirmed the results of the 2013 and 2017 elections so it was fine?”

Miguna on his side in a series of tweets posited that there was no election in the D.R. Congo.

“The electoral body is an extension of Joseph Kabila that gave out sacks to militias to collect printed pieces of papers from market places. One half of the country did not take part in the fraud. Say NO to electoral fraud in Africa.”

He added: “The D.R. Congo’s transparent electoral fraud where the number 4 in the poll is declared “the winner” in a typical Ka-Putin experimental export to Africa is a precursor for many more electoral frauds in the years to come where despots try to cling to power behind weak cowards.”

“In 2011 publicly supported ‘s electoral fraud in Uganda. In 2013 helped rig in Kenya. In 2015, supported ‘s electoral fraud in Tanzania. In 2017, supported ‘s electoral fraud,” he went on.

In 2019 supported Joseph Kabila’s Ka-Putin fraud in the Democratic Republic of Congo where Felix Tshisekedi has been imposed as a mascot. In 2022, Felix Tshisekledi and Joseph Kabila will support ‘s Ka-Putin experiment in Kenya minus .

But where is the link between Raila and Tshisekedi?

On the evening of November 22, 2018 media houses were invited to a press conference that was addressed by now President elect Tshisekedi. The man declared his candidature for the election from Serena Hotel here in Nairobi.

It was Dennis Onyango, Raila’s spokesman, who worked round the clock to ensure the media covered the story.

Days earlier, Mr Tshisekedi had bolted out of an opposition alliance that had selected Martin Fayulu as the sole opposition flag-bearer in Brussels, Belgium.

After the press conference, Mr Tshisekedi met Raila for private talks and, sources indicated, the two held further private meeting with a senior government official at the instigation of the ODM leader.

And to rally public opinion on their preferred candidate, Onyango wrote an opinion piece discussing the Congo elections.

With Congo’s vast wealth in minerals that has been the country’s source of turmoil one wonders if Raila’s move was an act of comity of Nations, endorsement of a personal ally for whatever reasons or an embrace of Democracy given that Tshisekedi’s presidency marks a new era for Congo.

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