INAYAT KASSAM, The Lethal yet unsung Hero Who Saved Lives at West Gate and Dusit

    When Pictures of an Asian man surfaced yesterday holding a gun and with a bloodied shirt, Kenyans were apprehensive. He did not look like our security forces.

    Then photos were unearthed of the same man at West gate and there was panic. Was he one of the villains? The answer is no.

    The man in question is Inayat Kassam, a 52 year old trained firearms instructor who in 2013 helped to rescue over 600 kenyans during the 2013 West gate attack.

    And when the attackers did strike again last evening, the man was amongst the first to reach Dusit hotel and rescued as many as he could.

    Kassam is an experienced combat and shooting instructor, in addition to being an EDA Krav Maga Instructor. He is the Managing Director of Scorpio Africa Ltd in Nairobi. His team provides security management and training in the form of security personnel, unarmed/armed training and certified firearm training (based upon the ITA South African curriculum).

    He is certified as an Advanced Tactical Shooting Instructor with ITA, and has also trained with various entities such as SKOPOS, ACT, and AMOK over the course of the last 9 years.

    In addition to Scorpio and ITA, Inayat has been involved in community policing within Nairobi for almost two decades.

    Through his years of community policing, a wealth of knowledge regarding local crime patterns has been incorporated into his various training programs.

    Inayat is a fully certified Level 2 Krav Maga Instructor, and holds the rank of Black Belt Level 1 within the EDA Krav Maga System.

    What having a Black Belt Level 1 within the EDA Krav Maga System means dear reader is that the man is more lethal in combat than with a gun.

    Becoming a Black Belt within our Krav Maga system requires you to have an outstanding command of the required techniques and combative principles, the requisite physical and mental resilience, and a mindset that has been developed in a very particular way.

    An Elite Defence Academy  Black Belt practitioner should be strong without being arrogant, displaying mastery along with humility, and carrying the directive to preserve life rather than destroy wherever possible, that is according to a Krav Maga site.

    So while President Uhuru confers commendations on drunkards chewing githeri and slay Queens, herein lies a true HERO.

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