From Trying to Gouge out Her Eyes, Tearing Her with a Razor, Inserting Sticks in Her, Girl in Homabay Horrendous Rape Speaks

Her ordeal was and remains horrifying, shocking, blood cuddling and downright terrifying.

For anyone who read or heard her story, the question remains, what would push not one, not two, not even three but a gang of more than four men into raping a 13 year old?

The girl has finally narrated what happened to her and it is more gruesome than what has been reported so far.

An innocent visit to the latrine by the class eight pupil to ease herself turned into a nightmare.

When she got out, a man grabbed her by the neck and put his hands over her mouth. Two men took her to a nearby bush.

She was blindfolded. When the girl refused to have sex, one of the men tried to gouge out her eyes and she bit his mouth and this only made matters worse.

When they could not penetrate her, they used large sticks and when that to bore no fruit, they resorted to tearing her from her from all the way to the rear with a razor-blade.

She is currently admitted at the Nairobi Women’s Hospital and underwent re-constructive surgery at the weekend. Her mother is grateful her daughter got help and prays the culprits face justice.

Statistics by the Gender Violence Recovery Center in Homabay is startling.

The founder Sam Thenya said in December aloe, there were over 300 cases of rape and defilement.

Of the 300, 45 percent are children, 54 per cent are women , the rest are women and boys, Thenya said.

This means more needs to be done by the local leaders embroiled in perpetual haggling over leadership.

Ten suspects have been arrested in connection with the defilement and mutilation.

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