The Irony! Women Screaming ‘take me hostage’ at R. Kelly’s sold out event

Are women their own worst enemies? It has only been days after ‘Surviving R. Kelly’ documentary aired on Lifetime Tv and Hulu, where horrid revelations about R. Kelly’s alleged child rape and holding women hostage, denying them food and pretty much imprisoning them for months and for some of them even years in his house.

Immediately after the documentary, it was announced that R. Kelly would be making an appearance at the V75 club in Chicago, the club quickly sold out.The club had to turn people away because it was filled to capacity. 80 percent of the revellers were women. R kelly’s appearance had women screaming, ‘take me hostage.’ It should be remembered that the documentary series was about taking vulnerable women hostage, it is therefore unfortunate that these women revellers were screaming to be taken hostage.

There has since been multiple criminal cases filed in Atlanta and Chicago and the authorities asking women to come forward and help with investigations. During the airing of the documentary Chicago police visited R. Kelly’s residence and a party was ongoing, there were no incidences reported.

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