Denis Oliech, The Menace on the Football Pitch and Between the Sheets

They say hell knows no fury than a woman scored! And when Kenyan Football legend Denis Oliech’s now ex girlfriend had enough of his equally very active third leg, she lost it and took to social media to rant.

The nasty, public breakup took place just days before his big return to KPL where he now rakes in Sh300,000 per month plus a signing fee of ‘one meter’ as Gor Mahia’s striker courtesy of the Club’s philanthropic Patron, Hon Raila Odinga.

“Some men are very useless! You will take care of them when they are broke but when they get money they look for whores. I hate you!” she spat, adding: “Never even think about me ever! Go to hell manwhore! Other men are busy investing, you’re busy investing in women,” wrote his ex bae who is K24’s TV Producer.


Oliech and Paula

Well, like most post made in the heat of the moment, it was later pulled down but not before blogs fed on the juicy showdown. Paula, a self acclaimed ghetto girl who once got into trouble as a KIMC student for posing with a gun was raised in Huruma and met the Menace when she was still at the South B based Media School.

A little calmer after her outburst, Paula has no qualms that Oliech will not disappoint his fans as a Kogallo

“He is a great man who will definitely not disappoint his fans on the pitch”.

As for their romance, she reiterates that she is done.  “I respect what we had together. But I’m now focusing on my life and being around those who care more.”

She adds: “Despite everything, he is a great man with a marvelous heart. Sijui kama ni mashetani zinamsumbua; but he is a good man. Returning to football is a great idea to keep him busy and it’s something he likes doing. He won’t disappoint,” she told a local tabloid.

The two met on Face book when the player while based in France took notice of her raunchy photos as she showed off her voluptuous River Lake Nilotic behind.

“It is weird that he seduced me on Face book and I didn’t know a thing about him. I didn’t even know he was a football star. I didn’t know he was a celeb. I didn’t even know which country he was in. He only told me he’s abroad.  It was just love,” she gushes with nostalgia.

At his peak, Oliech had money, women and fame. His most publicized romances include one with then songbird Nasra Salim known with her stage name as Meg C and who dated Oliech for close to a year. She called it quits when she realized forever after was a loooong way from coming.

In 2016, singer Avril started dating Oliech. They were first spotted in Kisumu getting all cosy but Avril denied any romantic links to the player.

“I like him.  He is a fantastic guy. But right now, I don’t know what the future holds, so I can’t really say much,” Avril  had said.

In March 2014, Oliech set up a high-end fashion store and named it after his baby mama, Veronica Oliech. The now crumbled business used to stock French designs.

In 2006, Oliech was in a serious relationship and living with his girlfriend Beatrice Wanjiku and their two-year-old son Miguel. They later separated.

In January 2013, word broke out that socialite Pendo was dating Oliech after she released some saucy pics sent to her by the Kenyan footballer. But Oliech denied the allegations terming it ‘absolute nonsense!”

In 2016, Oliech attended a Blankets & Wine event hand-in-hand with his new girlfriend Sheerlin with whom they had broken up months ago. Oliech could barely keep his eyes off her.

Oliech is said to be generous to a fault, a gentlemen who is adored for his exploits on the field both for Harambee Stars at the club level. He is also very devoted to his family and spent a fortune on his late mother as she battled cancer.

It would seem however that ladies love his for more than just his football skills but his prowess elsewhere.

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