KALIGRAPH JONES ft. BETTY KYALLO: Acheni kujifanya, munaipenda!


    Kenyan artists have for the longest time fought for their music to be played in local stations. Most radio stations are guilty of overplaying foreign music and little of Kenyan jams. The subject of content always springs up every time artists complain why their music is not being played locally.

    Artists have been accused of talking trash 90% of the time in their songs: with some having little to no talent. The new song by Kaligraph isn’t any different from the list of whack songs that Kenyan artists claim to have really worked hard on. In the song, he talks about how he would want to fondle Betty Kyallo who in the video can’t stop blushing at the advances. The song is very distasteful and the lyrics are very sickening! Kaligraph claims that Kenyans love his new song and that views have skyrocketed ever since he promoted the video on Instagram despite it being on YouTube for a few weeks now.

    But with whack and vulgar lyrics like:

    “Nakuja kukupiga stick

    Nakuja kukupiga miti

    I know you be yearning for this,

    Juu sahi ishapita kawiki,

    Najua kuna venye umenimiss

    Usijali mambo itakuwa fiti

    Nakuja kukupiga kiss

    Nakuja kugusa matiti”


    How do you expect your music to be appreciated by the older generation that love hip-hop? There are good songs that have been produced by Kenyan artists and that cannot be dismissed but the whack distasteful songs outweigh the good ones.

    “Acheni kujifanya, munaipenda. I’ve always been vocal to give my opinions irrespective of the structure of the music industry. I love music, if you want do music, do it from your heart. Kenyans should support us as artists and then Kenyan music will be able to go forward” – Kaligraph Jones. Sounds like he should implement his own advice in his music.





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