THE WEIGHT GAIN JOURNEY: Skinny People Nightmare.

    The weight loss talk has been so common in our society you hardly ever hear people complaining about their stressful journey to gain weight.  Many would wonder, how is that a problem? But for some with high metabolism and would want to look a specific size, the nightmare is real. There are different reasons why one would want to gain weight. This cuts across the board: from health related issues to just wanting to look good in thicker skin. All reasons are valid as long as it is being done the right way. Or maybe you are just tired of the old age question “when will you ever get fat”, “when will you add a few kilograms”, “you are too skinny”. These words are equally as hurtful as “you are too fat, you need to lose weight”. Not everyone subscribes to the “appreciate your body” slogans and would rather come out as mean individuals inconsiderate of other people’s feelings. Just like in weight loss, weight gain needs consistency and discipline when it comes to eating the right foods. Well, a few things can be done to salvage skinny people’s misery. The end game is to add weight so eating foods with high calories should be the driving force.

    Bananas. They have about 100 calories and wiping it down with a glass of milk is the perfect combination. This diet is good for weight gain and too much of it does not affect anyone’s health, not unless you are allergic to milk.

    Plumpy nuts. These are mostly used by malnutrition children in refugee camps but over the years, it can be accessed by locals here in the city. Take a trip down the streets of Eastleigh and you will come across them. Retailing for as little as 25 Kenyan shillings, one is promised of weight gain in a matter of weeks. Intake should be regulated.

    Peanut butter. If the plumpy nuts craze has not caught up with you, this is the best alternative. Good thing, it can be made at home as long as you have a grinding machine for the groundnuts. Eating macadamia nuts, almond on the daily is also ideal in this journey.

    Becoactin syrup. This will increase your appetite and you will be able to eat a whole cow in no time.

    Exercise. Squats, side planks etc. have been known to bring instant results when done the right way over a period of time. A gym instructor will come in handy in assisting during the weight gain process by recommending the right exercises to concentrate on more.

    Maca powder. For the sisters that want that hourglass figure, maca powder helps to add boobs and hip size. All the weight you want in the right places. Plus aside from that, it has other beneficial traits that will come in handy when solving other problems such as infertility, boost sex drive among other things.

    These are just a few options one has when it comes it gaining weight. To those in the journey, Happy gains people!

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