Homabay residents collect signatures in a petition to suspend their county government.


The residents of Homabay have started collecting signatures to dissolve the entire county government that includes the executive and the assembly for failing in their service delivery mandate and are engaged in actions that are deemed to be against the common needs and interests of Homabay citizens.

Under a lobby group christened “Homabay County Citizens Association”, the residents are calling on the national government to appoint an independent commission to take over the running of the county and order fresh elections of a new Governor and MCAs having failed to address challenges facing them.

Led by a Mr Mark Matunga, the group said they were acting in the interest of the people of Homabay who have been deprived of their rightful services due to poor management from the top county leaders as they have never seen the benefit of devolution since its introduction.

In the interest of the people of Homabay County who have been deprived of services and the benefits of devolution, I wish to announce that Homabay County Government (Assembly and Executive) will be SUSPENDED to allow National Government to takeover and provide services directly to the people. We the people of Homabay County with the support of well meaning citizens, will in due course, submit a petition to the relevant institutions to execute the suspension for a period to be determined” said Mark

According to Article 192 of the Kenyan Constitution 2010, the President may suspend a county government on two grounds: Firstly; (1) (a) in an emergency arising out of internal conflict or war; Secondly (1) (b) in any other exceptional circumstances. Further, Article 192 clause (2) dictates that a county government shall not be suspended under clause (1) (b) unless an independent commission of inquiry has investigated allegations against the county government, the President is satisfied that the allegations are justified and the Senate has authorised the suspension.

In the petition which is addressed to President Uhuru Kenyatta, the Homabay Bunge La Wanainchi referred to Article 192 (1) (b), as they feel the county government leadership that includes the county assembly and the executive have engaged in actions that are deemed to be against the interests and needs of the citizens.

The Homabay county has for the past few years been engulfed in endless wrangles that has directly affected the operations of the county and service delivery to its citizens. As the Governor Cyprian Awiti, who is still battling a Supreme Court petition challenging his election, has stayed away from office for over an year now due to illness, the county assembly has had a number of conflicts surrounding the house leadership that saw the impeachments of the Majority Leader and the speaker.

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