Flamboyant Governor Having Clandestine Affairs with Nominated MCAs in his Office!

‘I do not love Controversies, controversies love me’- Anonymous.

This seem to be the mantra of a flamboyant Governor who breaths, eats, lives and flirts with drama so much so that it has become part of his DNA.

And now it has emerged that the jolly good fellow who munches life with designer spoons is also devouring nominated MCAs. Read the plural.

According to Star’s Corridor’s of power, the MCAs, who colleagues have branded ‘the governor’s ‘slay queens’, roam around the governor’s office waiting for his phone call, a sign that he needs a soft and tender massage with a happy ending.

The shameless county boss and his conglomeration of tarts are so brazen in their orgies that a male MCA, seemingly disgusted by the habit, was overheard saying: ‘This is embarrassing. How can they tell us to leave the (governor’s) office to give them time?This is embarrassment.”

The slayers are enticed by the governor’s generosity, and are now a regular presence in his public events. They receive at least Sh20,000 allowance for each event.They also accompany him whenever he makes a trip out of the county to provide comfort and pleasure.

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