Martha Karua plots a political comeback in 2022

With the political madness going on in Kenya right now, it is next to impossible to exclude the opinions of Martha Karua. Early Wednesday morning, the former presidential hopeful made her intentions of running for office come 2022 clear.  The iron lady has been very vocal about her disapproval of the deputy presidents` presidential ambitions making it clear by saying “I do not support the bid of deputy president William Ruto. He is the least qualified”. She had even tweeted about it in November last year. “That is true. I hold the view that William Ruto is the least qualified for the job and as such would never endorse him. His campaign should desist from dragging my name along,” she stated.

The iron lady’s face is not new in the ballot papers and this will be her second time to try her luck for the top job. She has always championed for the rights of women and highly advocates for women to be included at the table. In her television interview, her message to the male presidential aspirants- “It is not your birthright, it is also the women’s right”.

Martha Karua is never shy to voice her sentiments on what she truly believes in.   “I’m not interested to be in government, been there, done that” that was the former justice ministers` response when asked whether she would be interested in a government position.

The political climate keeps getting hotter and hotter by the day with only three years left to the next general election. The jubilee government has yet to achieve most of the goals that cover the big four agenda and with little time left, will the fake promises ever be implemented?

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