The holidays are over and Njanuary is here with us mostly because you spent most of your savings entertaining yourself and friends. Regretting that decision, huh? Financial discipline should be your forte-well that is a story for another day.

Now, back to the endless eating sessions and binge drinking while catching up with family and friends you had in December. Your pants probably do not fit perfectly, right? And you are feeling bloated from eating unhealthily all month. If yes, then one of your primary resolutions should be to detoxify in order to try and regain that sexy back.

Here are ways to kick start your detoxification journey:

  1. Cut down on unhealthy foods- reducing intake of foods that cause you to add weight should be your first agenda. Take foods that have low calories like spinach and add it in your diet. You can always confirm the amount of calories in the food you are eating to ensure that it is on the lower side. For those trying to add weight, do the vice versa.
  2. Start going to the gym. Get gym membership near your house or place of work that is easily accessible. Alternatively, if you are financially strapped, home exercises can still do the magic. Walking helps in toning the body and keeps the body generally active. Skipping rope can come in handy too and if you have children around, the better. Bonding with them while losing a few pounds. Exercise in a smart way even as you focus on your problem areas.
  3. Drink lots of water. It helps to cleanse all the toxins in your body. As easy as it sounds, many people find drinking water a tasking venture. It actually helps with the skin too so if you are looking to have flawless skin, this should be your go to. Cut a few slices of cucumber and add it in your water. Lemon can be added to help cleanse your kidneys.
  4. Activated charcoal. It has an array of uses- from reducing cholesterol levels to hangover prevention and skin treatment. Having it in your house will be very beneficial to you. It prevents absorption of toxins in the gut by trapping them. Definitely what you need for your detox program. Aside from that, you can use it to whiten your teeth from what’s left.
  5. Sleep more. Enough sleep is good for your health. A peaceful sleep helps relax the body and that is exactly what you need before a hectic day.
  6. You can start on this slowly if you are not capable of handling it for long hours. Start with avoiding foods that you are addicted to then gradually create a time table that you are comfortable with. It definitely helps in weight loss as a lot of fat is broken down during this period. Fasting helps in self-reflection too. It allows you to rethink your activities and goals for the future in a bid to better yourself. Use this period for that.

The above recommendations also play a huge role in getting that glowing skin. The good thing is, the ingredients i.e. cucumber, lemon are easily available and at a cheaper price. You definitely have no reason to not glow!  Look fabulous this January. Start the year on a high.

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