Nakuru Senator Susan Kihika Gets it Rough as Kenyans School over Mzungu Comment

Nakuru Senator Susan Kihika is the latest victim of Kenyans on Twitter aka KOT. This was after she waded in, in a debate where Tweeps vented out their frustrations after President Uhuru Kenyatta appointed Safaricom boss Bob Collymore to head the vision 2030 board.

One tweep wrote: “If you are a mzungu working for a multinational with presence in Kenya, ask your employer to post you to Nairobi a few years before retirement. When you retire, you’ll become chairman of a state corporation. It happened with Bill Lay, Michael Joseph, and now with Bob Collymore”.

Senator Kihika, a Jubilee die hard only picked the mzungu part and tried to banter, a move that tuned her into the butt of the joke.

“We learn something new everyday. I had no idea that Bob Collymore is a Mzungu!” She commented.

Bob Collymore is a Guyanan-born British.

Her comment opened the floodgates of hell.

One Yamo Kutho wrote: “Don’t worry senator, you’re not the only person who thinks ‘Mzungu’ has everything to do with just the color of skin. My daughter thought so too when she was four. She’s now 7 & clearly smarter than some senators!”
Dr. Wandia Njoya wrote: “Black skins, white masks. Do politicians read, by the way?”
Yet another: ‘Bob is a Mzungu! The term ‘Mzungu’ does not mean white man, it describes a man whose mother tongue is ‘Kizungu’ [Briton etc] . A French man is not a Mzungu though he maybe white, he is ‘Mufransa’.
From Danvas Nyabasa : ‘A whole senator who doesn’t know that??? And u represent Nakuru people at the national government level!’
Max: ‘My Senator is a muttonhead’
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