Married Kenyan Men Seeking Solace in the Bottle as Survey Place them as Heaviest Drinkers

A survey conducted by Students’ Campaign Against Drugs (Scad) has found out that married men in Kenya would rather be in the bar than spend time with their nagging wives.

The survey puts them as the highest consumers of alcohol. Some drink up to five days a week.

It further says those who were never married account for 25 per cent of heavy alcohol consumers while the separated or widowed stand at 14.6 per cent.

However, the survey does not show certain parameters including the margin of error, the number of people as well as counties sampled during the research.

In terms of age brackets, prevalence among youth aged between 19-29 years stood at 35.2 per cent.

The survey indicated men who were separated had three times higher odds of heavy episodic drinking (HED) compared to their married counterparts.

According to the World Health Organisation, HED is defined as drinking at least 60 grams or more of pure alcohol on at least one occasion in the past 30 days.

The survey also established that Kenyans in rural areas had a slightly higher prevalence of drinking compared to their urban areas counterparts.

World Health Organization (WHO) also says that alcohol increasingly is affecting younger generations and drinkers in developing countries.

Kenya is one such country that is experiencing these negative repercussions from alcohol abuse.

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