Just who is the MP who Leaked Video of Wajir Women Rep Fatuma Gedi Moaning her Heart Out?

Seems like leaking sex videos has become a norm. Barely days after the Imenti house video supposedly leaked by the husband of the woman taped having sex in the clothes store she co-owns with the supposed hubby, a raunchier one has emerged.

The ‘steros’ in this are none other than revered members of the lower house. The damsel is the unmistakable face of Wajir Woman Rep Fatuma Gedi but the man is rumored to be a fiery and youthful Rift Valley MP known for his good looks and love for yellow-yellow women.

He is also a champion of Maize farmers and months ago made a passionate appeal to God and voters not to fall for the DP’s charms come 2022.

The one minute video which is too explicit to be posted here has the two having sex with the camera traveling between their joined groins and Gedi’s face as she touches herself while groaning, cussing out and moaning ‘too loud’. The guy’s face is hidden though he makes his own soundtrack too.

Gedi hit headlines months ago when reports emerged that she alongside Endebes MP Robert Pukose led a team of legislators who were bribing colleagues to shoot down the controversial Sugar Report.

The allegations led her to be thrown out as the Chair of Kenya Women Parliamentary Association (KEWOPA) Caucus of 47 Women Representatives.

It is not clear who leaked the video but if the two did the deed in private then the money is on the vocal MP with whom she was laying with.

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