Father of the hedge fund industry George Soros named Person of the Year 2018 by the Financial Times




George Soros has been named by the Financial Times as Person of the Year 2018.The Jewish billionaire and philanthropist is the founder of Open Society Foundation (OSF). George Soros has been known to support liberal democratic order around the globe through his foundation. Through his foundation, Soros has been committed to support media freedom, human rights, fighting tolerance, racism and authroritarism. George Soros is also known to have supported black students in South Africa in the 1970s during the apartheid era.

The 88 year old Hungarian born is loved and hated in equal measure across the globe especially by governments that term his activities through his foundation OSF as meddling in foreign affairs.

Open Society which has been in existence for more than 30 years has foot prints in Africa through the Open Society Initiative for East Africa (OSEIA),Open Society Initiative for South Africa(OSISA) and Open Society Initiative for West Africa.

More information about George Soros and his work is available on https://www.ft.com/soros


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