Cardi Finds Love In Dance Class.

Cardi B`s Love Woes

After separating from her husband hip-hop artist Offset, Cardi B is keeping an open mind when it comes to dating. The female rapper jokingly throws in a subtle `okay` when an old man asks if she’s looking for a significant other during the Carpool Karaoke with James Corden. In the episode, Cardi also flaunts her bad driving skills despite owning five cars.

Now that Cardi is single, a few men have been trying to get her attention and Diplo is the recent one to shoot his shot at the rapper. He left a “I’m single btw” comment on the rapper`s picture on Instagram. Not so subtle, huh?

Offset on the other hand has been trying to woo Cardi B back by posting videos asking her to forgive him. The couple separated a few months after Offsets` cheating allegations swamped the internet. In her recent live video on Instagram, Cardi confesses to missing her baby daddy and though she doesn`t explicitly say his name, it is pretty clear that she’s talking about Offset. With Christmas round the corner, let’s wait and see if Cardi B will consider getting back with her baby daddy or not.



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