‘Be Genuine With the Handshake’, Hon Aisha Jumwa Tells Raila, Says She is Ready to bear the Brunt

Even after the ODM party disciplinary committee recommended that Malindi MP Aisha Jumwa and her Mswambweni counterpart Suleiman Dori be expelled from the party for failing to adhere to party lines- the ‘Mekatili reincarnate’ is not shaken.

While her co-rebel Msambweni lawmaker Suleiman Dori had a meeting with Party leader Raila Odinga and promised to go slow on ‘injili ya Ruto,’ Jumwa has come out hammer and tongs against Raila.

“My leader Raila met Uhuru, shook hands and said one Kenya. But what baffles me, Raila is okay with Uhuru but has a problem with his party members having a dalliance with Uhuru’s Deputy Ruto? I do not understand the rationale,’ she bellowed.

Watch her rants in the video above.

She added: ‘When I shake hands and walk with Ruto, then I am branded a traitor and face expulsion from party, I thought the handshake was genuine! I will stand to be counted and I will equally carry my cross.”

In her inherently defiant nature, Jumwa went ahead to tell Ruto that he needs no one’s permission to visit Coast and that the goodies he has showered the region are things they have dreamed of for eons.

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