Battle Ground Drawn as Matiang’i Takes DP Ruto Head-on in what Promises to be a Vicious Fight

In what sources claim to have been a war simmering for a while now and which seems to be spiraling and blowing over to the public- DP William Ruto and the stern yet level-headed Interior CS Fred Matiang’i are not seeing eye to eye.

The contention stems from multi-billion tenders that Ruto has been pushing Matiang’i to award him and his associates but the self proclaimed ‘Chinkororo’ won’t bulge.

Things got out of hand after the DP allegedly asked the CS to award a tender for the supply of police uniforms to other people, not just the National Youth Service. The CS stood his ground, insisting yesterday that all uniforms will be made by the NYS and fabrics sourced locally as directed by President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Matiang’i enjoys very close rapport with Uhuru with some quarters speculating that he could be the President’s ‘shock candidate’ even as youth from his own backyard have demanded that he runs for Governor come 2022.

And yesterday, a furious Matiang’i blasted this “politician” who wanted a share in the supply of the multi-million tender to supply fabric for the new blue police uniforms.

He was speaking at the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development after a meeting with MPs and the boda boda task force where he shelved crackdown to next year.

“The Inspector General of Police, the PS and myself have been under pressure by some quarters, and all manner of thieves, that we should import police uniforms.

“Listen to me very carefully. We will not import police uniforms, go and write another 10 headlines. We will not import police uniforms from any country. We have to promote the local textile industry,” Matiang’i said.

The so called headline was carried in the Standard yesterday.

He added: “We will not import police uniforms. No amount of pressure, manipulation or anything will change that position. That style of life has come to an end in Kenya. It has come to an end and no one is going to live that way.

“Sasa wewe na wakora wako mahali mlikubaliana mtanunua uniform mtaenda muwaambie na muwaeleze kwamba hatutanunua uniform kutoka kwingine,” Matiang’i said. This loosely translates to “You and your crooks, wherever you agreed that you will import police uniforms, go back and tell them that we are not importing.”

But according to the Star, their rivalry also played out last week in Kisumu when Ruto organized with Migori’s Governor Obado and had boda boda ferried to Kisumu with the sole intent of heckling Matiang’i over his stance on the sector. But the CS got reliable intelligence and skipped the public rally only showing up at State lodge at night.

On Monday Ruto, while speaking in Kakamega publicly opposed the CS ‘s move on boda boda claiming:

“There are many boda boda people in Kenya. They too are business people and I have told those concerned not to harass boda boda people,” Ruto said.

But wait, there is more.

The same paper also reveals of another multi-billion-shilling tender to supply arms that saw the two leaders also clash.

The police department had floated a Sh3 billion restricted tender for the weapons. Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinett then drafted a letter recommending that a tender be awarded to a company in Eastern Europe.

“When the CS saw it, he refused to sign and instead asked the IG to provided minutes from the National Security Advisory Council and the National Security Council supporting the recommendation.

“The DP then asked Matiang’i why he was sitting on the tender papers but Matiang’i said he was waiting for the minutes, which never came,” a government official aware of the incident said.

It is also understood that sometime this year the DP asked Matiang’i to approve a deal in which some “investors” wanted to develop prison land. The prison is located in Rift Valley on a huge piece of land.

“The CS asked the DP to arrange for Cabinet approval before he could authorize the investment. The DP was upset and the transaction collapsed,” claims yet another source.

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