Abscence makes the heart grow fonder, Jacque Maribe embraces Jowi in court


It was nothing but love as Jacque Maribe and Jowi embraced each other in court this morning during their court case mention for the murder of business woman Monica Kimani.The embrace has elicited a buzz amongst Netizens with some asking where Dennis Itumbi is as all this was happening.

The two were charged with the murder of Ms.Kimani on September 21st 2018.Jacque Maribe had been released on a cash bail of Ksh.1 million while Joe Irungu aka Jowi is still in custody.

During the case mention, Jowi’s lawyer had pleaded the court to allow Jowi to head for surgery for his hand. Dr. Nabwire from Kenyatta National Hospital informed the court that Jowi did not need surgery, but occupational therapy and physiotherapy which will help his axons grow back as he suffered a shock wave.

On the other hand, Jacque Maribe requested the court to access her car, but the prosecution denied the request on grounds that the car was still being used for investigations and forensic audits by the government chemist.

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