DP Ruto’s Inner Circle is Distancing Him From The People and will be His Downfall

Deputy President William Ruto is sitting on top of a juggernaut whose wheels are run by a three tier devotees.

Apart from his inner sanctum, there is a league of obscure, almost villainous gentlemen (and women) who keep the cogs of the massive Ruto juggernaut moving. They form the close-knit inner part of the web that is quietly extended into key sectors of government, in ministries and parastatals as well as various public institutions where there are other individuals like them, placed strategically, with the brief to oil the wheels to keep the Ruto juggernaut in motion.

His inner sanctum’s High Priest is Farouk Kibet, the odious former councillor turned Ruto’s PA and his Fixer-in-Chief. Farouk is hated as much as he is loved by those who support Ruto and blame him for ring-fencing the DP and making access to him extra-ordinarily difficult.

At the second level are Cabinet secretaries (aligned to him), MPs, senators, senior technocrats and heads of various parastatals band public organisations. Then the third are ‘professionals’ largely drawn from the private sector. These are people who live in Nairobi and work as lawyers, accountants, doctors etc.

They will congregate and will whip up support towards him (financial or otherwise) at the moment of a crisis.  They will congregate at a moment’s notice, (the favourite being a certain establishment in Caledonia or even at Weston). They will place the ‘mountain’ facing Ruto on the table and begin to dismantle it through an elaborate process of brainstorming and action planning. The ‘mountain’ could be anything from whipping up voter registration numbers or even networking and funding for campaigns, countering negative press and consolidating present support. Ruto does not however present himself to this third tier portion of the web but will send those on the second line of the web to them.

It is, however, the first and second line of the web that Ruto is most interested in. These are resource finders, individuals who hold strategic positions and they have a clear brief – mobilise as much into the Ruto campaign machine for 2022.

Ruto,like Moi also has his web. There are many who are out there who are doing his bid, and like Moi, they had to be Kalenjin to protect his interest at a personal level. Some have now been thrown under the juggernaut – and I am told more heads will roll. I must, however, ask them to humbly carry their own cross because, there are many Kalenjins who have not seen a single cent from their position and they don’t want the good name of my community to be dragged in the mud.

Many Kalenjins are annoyed that these individuals once caught – begin to drag the community behind them, yet if you are in trouble, they will consistently ignore your calls. The mess in the NCPB affected thousands of Kalenjin farmers who voted for UhuRuto and cannot understand why they have to remain silent when they are unable to send their children to school.

They don’t see the current benefit or the future one for that matter, of Ruto’s position and can rightly be forgiven for not caring when things are not going Ruto’s way. This inner sanctum, while it is important in mobilising resources, is distancing him from the people and it might be too late when in 2022, he realises that there was nobody behind him. Dismantle them.

BY GODFREY.K.SANG- As Published in the Star 

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