Actor Jamal Argued with Lover Over Dancing with Other Men Before She Stabbed Him

Gory details have emerged as to the circumstances that led to the gruesome murder of popular KTN Actor Jamal Nassul Gadafi.

His lover of ‘many years’ according to sources planted a knife on his chest after the former  “Vioja Mahakamani” actor “aggressively inquired” why she was dancing suggestively and accepting drink offers from other men at a party held at Arks Hotel in Mlolongo, Machakos County.

The suspect- Grace Kanamu Namulo, 40, had organized the party on Tuesday evening and invited her friends to come celebrate with her.

“Some of the men, who attended the party offered to shower Ms Namulo with expensive drinks, a proposal she entertained. The men also went ahead to dance with her, an act that annoyed Gadafi,-39- who confronted Ms Namulo. The two, thereafter, left the party venue and went toward the kitchen, where the suspect allegedly stabbed the actor to death,” said one of the DCI officers, who is handling the case.

Ms Namulo

Gadafi according to witnesses fell to the ground with a sickening thud with blood gushing out of the stab wound.

According to the sleuths investigating the murder-Mr Gadafi and Ms Namulo co-own the entertainment joint in Mlolongo, where the incident happened.

Ms Namulo however in her statement claimed she “stumbled upon him writhing in pain after he fell on a kitchen knife”.

His death brought the party to a screeching halt with a pandemonium to boot as revelers bayed for Namulo’s blood.

Gadafi’s elder brother and wife arrived at the scene a few minutes later and found others making frantic attempts to have Gadafi taken to hospital. They finally took him to Shalom Hospital in Mlolongo, where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

Police arrived and took Namulo accompanied by her teenage children who had come when they heard their mother was about to be lynched- to the police station.

Sources, who hanged out with the couple claimed the actor was in a “relationship” with Ms Namulo, and that the pair had been undergoing a turbulent phase lately

“They had known each other for long, and we would hang out with them quite often. Of late, the two were constantly wrangling, and had even threatened to harm each other at some point,” said a source, who sought anonymity.

Jamal acted in a number of Kenyan local drama programmes including KBC’s “Vioja Mahakamani”, KTN’s “Junior”, NTV’s “Auntie Boss” among other film productions.

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