Ugandan Slay Queens Stage Online War against Wives as it Emerges Men who were in the Tragic Boat were Cheating

As raunchier yet disturbing details continue to come afore following the Uganda tragic boat accident- an on line war has ensued.

Details have it that more than half of the men who were in that boat were married and were enjoying a night out with slay queens. The party boat capsized in Lake Victoria two weeks ago amidst dancing and drinking from revelers.

Over 30 people lost their lives including the boat owner and his wife.  This prompted one married social media user to plead with Mpango wa Kandos to leave other women’s husbands alone.  The responses would make Mary mother of Jesus cringe with embarrassment!

“Stupid!” came the first answer. “How can I waste my time with a hopeless man who doesn’t have a woman already? What would I do with such a man? In any case, who would I quarrel with if my man doesn’t have another woman for me to hate?”

And many salvos followed – missiles of ego and marriage destruction aimed at poor wives who want to monopolize husbands.

“Imagine the selfishness of these silly women!” she sneered. “If your man is so good, why do you deny others the chance of sharing a bit of him? After all, he still comes back to you at the end of the day, even if after a few days banange.”

Support for this view spread. Some women even complained of having dated some boring married men and wished their wives had guarded them and kept them to themselves.

On one thread, the whining wives were blamed for failing to satisfy their poor husbands, thereby inciting them to look for slay queens. The wives were advised to tell their husbands to stop disturbing the poor slay queens.

In other words, the slay queens were now being cast as the victims of hungry men, not the hunters of men. On yet another thread, the women and some men were pushing the view that this is Africa and, therefore, the foreign ideology of one man one woman must be shunned.

The hilarious war was captured by writer Annet Kasiima in her Crazy Monday column.

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