Why That Degree Will Only Land you A Messenger or Watchie’s Job

You are wasting resources on Education. That is according to Federation of Kenya Employers (FKE) Executive Director Jacqueline Mugo.

A Skills Mismatch report by the federation has revealed that Diploma and Certificate holders have no value in the job market and that their positions have been taken over by Degree holders now jostling for menial jobs.

Degree holders have taken over low cadre jobs like security guards, drivers, messengers, clerks, and casual laborers in what experts term as unfolding crisis.

Those with post graduate certificates are also doing jobs that is way below their competencies and in the words of Ms Mugo ” a lot of money is being spent educating a masters degree student who ends up doing a job that can be done by someone else with lower skills. As a nation, we are wasting a lot of resources in education.”

The report also highlighted that thousands of graduates are ill prepared for the job market and often need retraining.

Employers preferred graduates from the University of Nairobi, followed by Kenyatta University and Technical University. Strathmore is the most preferred private university competing with other public universities such as the University of Nairobi in having the best preparation of students into the labour market, the report published in the Standard further states.

The highest salary for entry level graduates was Sh20,000 while the lowest was Sh10,000.

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