Why Single Nairobi Women are Dreading Spending Christmas in Shags

It is the time of the year most single women in Nairobi dread most. The festive season.

As much as it is the time when many, in droves throng their villages to spend time with their families- as a single woman- it is that time to master impeccable answers against that straight shooting aunt who will ask you if you are a lesbian.

Take Media personality Kalekye Mumo who took to twitter to lament on how she feels bugged every time its Christmas and she has no hubby or tots to drag along to family unions.

The TV host has revealed that she fears facing her family during the coming December holidays. This is because the same old “utaolewa lini?” song will come up.

She further explained that some women take long to get married nowadays because it is a ‘forever decision’ and they just do not want to marry anyone for the sake of it.

We live in a heterosexual society where marriage or even childbirth is both a requirement and validation tool. Unlike their male counterparts, single women have a socially-sanctioned ‘expiry date’ they have to contend with.

City women are avoiding visits to their rural homes for fear of questions in regard to when they plan to get married or even have kids.

It is bad enough when married friends  exclude them from most of their social functions. It is worse when mothers, cousins and aunts  form ‘committees’ to help them search for men to marry them as if they are implying that you have deep-rooted, hidden flaw that drives men away.

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