Is Joho Shelving his Presidential Ambitions in Favor of Raila? To Go For Coast Kingship

Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho has thrown his weight behind a plebiscite that can see the creation of regional governments.

His proposal has been backed by Kilifi Governor Amason Kingi who said he also prefers a three tier government structure as envisaged by the Bomas Draft.

The three tier structure was first flaunted by Raila who during the Fifth Annual Devolution Conference in Kakamega County on April 25, 2018, Raila called for a change in the devolution structure citing the need to strengthen devolved units and make them economically viable.

Joho who is serving his last term as Governor and who had indicated his interest in 2022 presidential race stands to re-engineer his political career if the structure is adopted. This is because he might have to shelve his presidential ambitions not because of his nemesis DP Ruto but because ODM insiders have been pushing for another stab as far as Odinga presidency is concerned.

He was quick to dismiss this narrative.

“But there has been skeptism around this whole issue with most critics saying that we want to create positions for ourselves. We don’t live forever. We want to introduce this for the benefit of Kenyans.”

In this the structure, counties will still maintain their 15% equitable share, the regional governments will get 30% while the national government will retain 55% of the revenue.

The regional heads would be in charge of the blocks while county governors would be answerable to them.

Kingi on the other hand wants the national government’s main function be restricted to foreign affairs and the defence of Kenya’s borders including policy matters.

“We propose that. Eighty percent of the national revenue shall be released to the regional governments while 20 percent will remain at the national level.” said Kingi.

Experts have dismissed this as a ploy to hand power to a few individuals.

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