SPas or Down Right Brothels? Here is Where Your Spouse is Getting Their Oral Pleasure

Noticed that your hubby likes hanging out around Kilimani, Yaya and Hurlingam? Does he love massage to ease work tension and pressure from your incessant nagging?

Well, chances are, he has grown enamored to the skillful hands of young, supple, beautiful masseurs littered in the massage parlors that have sprouted everywhere in these areas that have tuned into hubs of erotica.

Strategically erected billboards have scantily dressed babes with teasing words like ‘untold pleasure’ and ‘happy ending’ scribbled like baits.

The ‘massage parlors’ are actually thinly veiled sex dens that have now attracted a fast growing clientèle looking for something different that they might not be getting from their conventional spouses- hand jobs and oral sex.

Take *Anne, whose flawless skin and perfect done make-up hides her guilt every time she performs sexual acts on a client. See, Anne is a wife and a mother.

The 28-year-old woman studied beauty at a renowned beauty college in town.

“When in college, lecturers once in a while mentioned these ‘extras’ and how to manage such scenarios whether you wanted a tip or not comfortable at all, so I knew what to expect,” she says.

Her first experience in a spa left her puzzled.

“Once he paid. I led to a dimly lit room, spicy scent wafting, lights turned down low’

The client removed his robe and lay face down on the massage table with a towel on his lower waist. Anne spread oil on his back and engaged in small talk.

As she was about to finish, he made the request. She froze.

“He definitely wanted extra service,” 

“However, I refused anything more than oral or hand job,” she says.

“The client might tip anywhere between Sh2,000 and Sh5,000, which increases the chances I’ll remember him the next time he comes in. Clients love it when we recall their names and what they like,” she says.

If she handles four clients in a day and each pays Sh3,000 for the hand job, she could make Sh12,000 in a day and when she works for three straight days in a week she makes Sh36,000.

Another masseuse, Emelda has mastered her act and makes sure that her body language communicates.

According to Emelda if the client wants to lose his towel or stretches his thighs during the massage, then she knows he’s up for the extras. “That’s when I begin quoting my menu and rates,” she says.

“Some visit genuinely for the massage, no happy endings, no extras- just the massage,” she says. “You have to be careful not to sell the ‘extras’ idea to someone who’s completely clueless about it, things might end up wrong for you if they decide to report,” she adds.

And no, it is not men alone.

Jack is a professional masseur but earns more by having sex with his female clients.

The guy who is in his late 20s, says the key challenge in the job is that you can never know exactly what a woman wants. That some have mood swings, so one has to go slow and see if she wants a ‘happy ending’.

“There are some women who keep quiet all through the massage and then when I have left, they send me a text calling me useless and good for nothing.”

He says he started out as a regular masseurs before one white lady, asked him for a ‘happy ending’.

“She introduced me to two of her friends and within four months I quit my job and started doing home rounds.”

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