Uhuru’s Hand in the Firing of Ruto’s Ally Joe Sang as Kenya Pipeline Boss

It was a short, terse almost surly phone call. And it came directly from the State House. The receiver is a frequent face at Deputy President William Ruto’s Harambee House Annex and his Karen residence.

It is that call that minutes later saw a Press release from Kenya Pipeline announcing the resignation of the DP’s ally- Managing Director Joe Sang.

“Resign or face arrest,” Sang was told by a Senior State House Official tasked to see his removal.

The MD was given an ultimatum to either quit or face the music following a scandal worth multi-million of shillings.

One cannot overrule that such a call cannot come from Statehouse without being sanctioned by President Uhuru Kenyatta who has sworn that eradicating corruption would be his legacy.

In an interesting twist, barely minutes after his resignation which was enthusiastically accepted by the Board, the same Board quickly invited the Director of Criminal Investigations. They want the sleuths to investigate various projects shrouded in controversies.

According to chairman John Ngumi, the board decided to invite the DCI to probe the loss of 11 million litres of fuel under Sang’s watch.

Sang who holds a bachelor’s degree in economics and an MBA in strategy, was previously the KPLC general manager for Finance Strategy and was tapped by the board from within to drive the company’s vision 2025 strategy.

But Belgut MP Nelson Koech feels there is a concerted effort to frustrate senior government officials from Rift Valley

Joe Sang was forced to resign. That’s the plain truth. All along it’s been clear that board chairman John Ngumi was after Sang. It is no secret, considering the negative propaganda sponsored in the media,” Koech opined in the Star 

He added: “It is becoming clearer that this so-called war on corruption is skewed towards one region. While I support the fight, I cannot be silent when things are done the wrong way. As Rift Valley leaders, we shall soon seek the attention of the President and the DP on this issue.”

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