Relationship Expert and Motivational Speaker Pastor Robert Burale a Cheat who Doesn’t Pay Debts

It’s a given- Pastor Robert Burale is a charmer who dwarfs the expression tall, dark and handsome. Jell that with his above reproach oratory eloquence and impressive grasp of life issues and Oh- fashion and what you have is a man most women drool over.

That is why when late last year he said on live TV that he has not felt the warmth of a woman intimately ever since his marriage ended four (now five) years ago- men chuckled and women were flabbergasted. He termed his dry spell a ‘Presidential term.’

“I am saying this live on TV because no woman can come and say she had sex with me, I haven’t had any bodily contact with a woman since August 18 2013 .Mine is like a presidential term,” said Burale

The same ex wife has now come out to reveal who the real Burale is. And if her sentiments are anything to go by then the one she unmasks is worlds apart from the hunk, grounded, image consultant, motivational speaker per excellence and decent preacher that has graced our screens.

Known as Rozinah Mwakideu, Burale’s ex wife has said she upped and left because the pastor was a cheat, a liar and was drowning in debts.

“I would receive calls now and then from people and police saying Robert had unsettled debts,”

She added: “It was a character he had and I kept waiting because I thought he would change because he was born-again. For example, the main reason why I left was after my friend came to visit me and after she left she wanted to sue him. I couldn’t handle that pressure plus other personal issues,” she said

Ms Mwakideu says she ignored all the red flags that kept blwing right in her eyes

“He was cheating on me but he would apologize. But then he would do it again. Robert had so many things he was hiding from me in the name of being a pastor…[I was] expecting him to change. I became suicidal in that one year I lived with Robert because there was so much I was going through but I feared what people would say if I left. My mother is a prayerful person and that helped me,” she said

But she maturely also admits her part in the failed union.

“Being born-again does not mean we did not have flaws. I had so much expectation from Burale because he was a pastor but I did not love as much as I expected. I was not patient,” she said adding that “I was not a good woman because if I was good, we would still be married. We still talk but we have never met for the past five years since we parted.”

Rozinah tells other women that sometimes, it is futile expecting things to work.

“We had a church wedding and we tried to save my marriage but things were extreme. I have no regret and both of us have learnt [our] own lesson. We were opposing each other,”

The lady said all these when she spoke to Massawe Japani on Radio Jambo.

Burale is behind the platform ‘Naked Truth’ which provides a forum for individuals to express their feelings and cast light on society’s unsavory nature.

Last year, during an interview with the Standard, he admitted his fair share of wrongdoing but denied cheating.

“I wish I had communicated better with her, listened to her. I also wish I spent more time with her. It’s not that I was traveling or working a lot but sometimes you can be in the same room as someone else but you are not really spending time together.

There was also outside influence from friends. Nobody gets into marriage wanting it to fail. Mine failed after one year, two days! It was painful and depressing. I tried to hide it for a while. For four months, I was still putting on my ring.

It was hard to pretend because I was a preacher. There was no infidelity in our marriage, but we should have cultivated our friendship more because this is what holds a marriage together. We should have been friends first.”

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