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Individual 1 in Intense Pressure as His former Attorney drops a bombshell on The Financial ties Between him and The Kremlin

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In what is turning out to be the defining moment for  Trumps Presidency, Michael Cohen is making good his threats of being true to his Country and family. Sources close to Cohen have intimated to CNN that Cohen is willing to talk  to the special prosecutors investigators about what he knows on the Trump Tower meeting that took place in June 2016 before the Presidential elections.

Michael Cohen has surprised many by revealing that Trump knew about the meeting well ahead of time and was aware of the details. During the famous meeting, Russians revealed that they had dirt of Hillary Clinton’s Campaign and were willing to share the same to help Trump win the the election.

It should be remembered that president Trump had said he had no knowledge of the meeting and what it entailed. Both Trumps 2016 campaign team and Don Jr., Trumps son, have vehemently denied knowledge of the meeting and dismissed any further scrutiny into what transpired at the tower as witch hunt  by the democrats. Media pundits believe the meeting holds key to proving collusion between Trump campaign and the Russians.In his tweeter posts, President Trump continues to attack the Mueller Investigations team terming it a waste of Americans public funds.He claims that Mueller has failed to prove that there  evidence of collusion.

Mr. Cohen’s presence at the Trump tower meeting is a big piece of the puzzle and catch for the Mueller team if he is wiling to cooperate.The release of Video recordings contradicts Trumps earlier assertions that he never made payments to silence Playboy model Karen McDougal by cash—something he had denied knowledge of.

This new developments pushes Trump to the corner and isolated, as sworn loyalists face the reality of the long arm of the law and the consequences of blind loyalty at the expense of family interests.Given a choice between remaining loyal to Trump at the expense of the family, that decision has never been such easy for former Trump loyalists who keep flipping every chance they get.

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