Kenya Power’s Role in UhuRuto Tano Tena Re-Election Scheme unmasked

Kenya Power Company colluded with Jubilee to reduce electricity costs few months to last year’s August elections in a bid to aid President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto’s re-election.

The electricity distributor under the instructions from the government suspended the collection of fuel cost charge on electricity bills- a move to entice the electorate in the run up to the polls- but which led to a pile-up of uncollected cash.

This mess was revealed by Auditor-General Edward Ouko in his latest report that has unearthed the unsettling extent of the financial misrepresentation in the firm that enjoys monopoly.

To achieve this treachery, KPLC cooked its books to the tune of billions of shillings in two years after it was roped into the political scheme.

Consequently, the uncollected levy piled up to more than Sh10 billion, forcing the company to ramp up its recovery of the levy after the election, and causing a consumer uproar and litigation.

The litigation was championed by lawyer Apollo Mboya

The delay in collection of the fuel levy, which was meant to contain public discontent with the government over the high electricity bills left Kenya Power’s financial statements in disarray- according to Business Daily

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