Decorum For Who? Why We Need More Public Fights From our Politicians

As a Country, we vaunt a number of things; wildlife, a breathtaking landscape and one more thing-  a good number of the most unpolished, functionally illiterate, logically inept paragons of uppity and sheer impunity called politicians.

Their infamy should- if it hasn’t already- put us in the world map.

They hurl expletives at each other and outdo themselves on the altar of embarrassing spats but will quickly shove teenage boys inebriated by youthful exuberance behind bars for perfecting their very act- that however is a story for another day.

My opine is that we are stuck with these cantankerous lot – at least in the foreseeable future and the only way out is to give them a bigger ring to clobber each other and here is why.

The latest spat between Senator Kipchumba Murkomen and Cherangany MP Joshua Kutuny brought afore one key proverb- set a thief to catch a thief.

The brannigan between the twain Jubilee legislators from the Rift saved us all the trouble, scratching our heads wondering just who are these Rift Valley MPs on CIA and FBI list of wanted drug barons?

Were it not for the fury inside Murkomen, could Kenyans have known that Kutuny is a key conduit of drugs and associate of the Akasha’s in the ongoing trial of members of drug trafficking family.

Were it not for the fiery exchange during Citizen TV’s News Night segment, would Rift Valley farmers have known that Murkomen is part of a corrupt cartel which is exhibiting “KANUism” and ignoring the plight of farmers as they continue to amass wealth? And that he also coached ICC witnesses?

Pray tell, are these not things we all want to know?

The Interview 

Of course there is the juicy gist like Deputy President William Ruto picking Kutuny from the streets and Kutuny extending the same and plucking Murkomen from the gutter and buying him his very first car.

And archetype of Kenyan middle class known as KOT, the exchange was widely bashed on Twitter but come election time- the duo will be favorites. After-all, it is tribalism and not ability or decency that drives the majority of Kenyans in the field of political competition

Truth is, the continuous brawls and altercations exhibited by our political class is not acceptable not only to thinking members of the Kenyan nation but also to civilized humanity the whole world over.

A day will come when ideology and decorum – will matter to the majority of Kenyans much more than the socially backward tribal affiliation now does.

As the Kenyan society gets better educated socio-politically -the day grows nigh.

Until then, let us set the thieves to catch the thieves and through their own confessions, we get to weed out the chaff.

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